Monday, August 29, 2011

Don't Miss Your Chance to Win an iPod Touch

Team RateThis! here with the latest news. We are in the final week of our August contest, which ends on the 31st. Download the app and start posting Rates for your chance to win an iPod Touch or iTunes gift certificate. We’ve been having so much fun this month checking out all our feedback and going through the Rates people have uploaded. We want to thank everyone who has become an early adopter of RateThis! We couldn’t do it without you.

Our first update, v1.1, is out of beta testing. We've gone through and nixed all the little bugs and annoyances that have cropped up since we went live.  We're pretty sure we got them all, but we expect you to let us know if that’s not true.  It's currently being reviewed by Apple and should be on the App Store in a matter of days. We will keep you posted.

In other news, we just have been reviewed by 'AppStoreReviewer' on Youtube. If you are still on the fence, maybe this review will cause you to jump on over to our side. We sure hope so. Happy Rating!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Winners, Winners, Everywhere

It's been another busy week here at RateThis! Round three of our contest just ended on Monday, which means we have another two winners! The contest continues for another week, so keep Rating and posting Rates for your chance to win.

In other news, we're hard at work on updates and new versions. We are almost there with our testing of the Android version. We are hoping for a release on the Android Market within a matter of weeks. The first iPhone update is also in its final stages and should address all the little kinks and bugs our awesome Raters have brought to our attention.

Most importantly, Team RateThis! is feeling the love from our Raters. We've gotten great feedback and reviews and we just want you to know that we are so appreciative. Please continue to let us know how we can improve. Happy Rating!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We Have a Winner! Two, Actually.

This past week has been full of action here at RateThis! HQ. We were featured on and their team made some hilariously funny videos which you can check out below.

We also chosen our first two contest winners. We will be notifying them privately to let them know they won. We hope they'll give us permission to feature them on our facebook and twitter pages.

There are still three weeks and six chances to win left in the contest. Each week, whoever uploads the most Rates will win an 8GB iPod Touch. The person who uploads the most popular Rate will win a $50 iTunes Gift Certificate.

Check out the videos below. We hope you like them as much as we do. Until next time, Raters.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Day on & a Contest!

August is shaping up to be quite an action-packed month at RateThis! Headquarters, and it’s barely even begun. The month kicks off with the awesome team at promoting our app for the entire day of August 1st. Please click here to check it out. 

August 1st is also the launch day for our first RateThis! contest.  Each week for 4 weeks we will be giving away an 8GB iPod Touch to the Rater who uploads the most Rates. The Rater who uploads the single most popular Rate in each week will win a $50 iTunes Gift Certificate. This promotion is only for US Raters, but we are working on a way to expand the borders a little with our next promotion. So start posting those Rates now!

We hope everyone loves RateThis! We have almost 2000 Rates since we launched 3 weeks ago and we’re doing everything we can to make the app even more amazing.  Our next update will be even faster and will work out a few of the bugs that have cropped up since RateThis! went live.  We hope to have it to you within a few weeks. Stay tuned!