Monday, July 11, 2011

We're LIVE

Cookie Jar Solutions is excited to announce that its first app, RateThis!, is live and available for download for use on iOS devices. The app can be downloaded via the Apple app store. RateThis! is designed to simplify the decision making process and make it much more exciting.

RateThis! is a new type of app based on socially interactive media. It allows the user to simplify the decision making process by crowd sourcing society. RateThis! expands on the concept behind polling sites like Hot or Not by permitting users to compare more than just people. People have a wide variety of categories into which they can post their Rates. CJS aims to expand the concept and usage of socially interactive media to add value, simplicity and fun to the lives of people.

People benefit from RateThis! by using the wisdom and opinion of crowds to help make decisions. Can’t decide whether to vacation in the Cook Islands or Fiji? Unable to choose whether you should buy a Mini Cooper or a Fiat 500? Want to know who is the front-runner in the next election? RateThis! can help answer all these questions and more.

CJS plans to release RateThis! on other platforms soon. Android will be the next release, followed by Windows Phone 7, WebOS and the Web. RateThis! is poised to become the one stop polling station of the future by providing real-time feedback on all of society's issues. The only limit is the world’s imagination.