Friday, April 29, 2011

Internationalism! Moving Abroad and Beta

RateThis! has moved to Italy in what might have been the easiest move on record because everything is in the cloud. All I had to do was pack up my bags and hope on a plane. Micheal remains in Bahrain, but expects to travel to the US soon.

We are just now starting to ramp up to beta. We're a week behind schedule, but inspiration struck and we decided to implement our new ideas immediately instead of waiting for the first update. I'm sure everybody will approve because it all makes for a smoother user experience. If anyone would like to be part of the open beta, send me an email on '' and I'll get you added.

With that, I am off to explore the beautiful streets of Rome, scope out some new Rates for the beta and enjoy some delicious gelato. Ciao!


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