Monday, April 11, 2011

The Founders! Who Are We & Our First App


So the title is a little misleading, since we can't describe our first app, but it will be on the App Store within 2 months of this post, [shamelessly trying to drive traffic to this post]. You do know the name of our app from the title of this account, and am sure you can guess its basic functionality.

Here's a little information about us for those who are interested, I am Fourat Janabi and together with my business partner Micheal Cook. We are the founders of CookieJar Solutions. We began CookieJar Solutions to develop unique smartphone applications with innovative user interfaces and groundbreaking ideas. We aim to deliver the core functions of our apps in the most simplistic and straightforward manner. We hope you will love our first app which is due on the App Store in less than 2 months. Here's a little about us for those who are interested.

We have been close friends since we met in Baghdad's Green Zone in June 2007. We are both nomads who love travelling around the world. We are currently in Bahrain (Yes, we witnessed the protests and got into a few hairy situations). I am moving the app development operation to Italy soon, and Mike will be handling marketing from the States in the hear future.

We came up with our first app idea way back in 2008 but it took us a while to get to work. Once we got moving however, it was full steam ahead. In Oct of 2010, we incorporated in Nevada and established our LLC. We began working on our first app, RateThis! immediately thereafter. We are currently at Alpha Build now, heading to Closed Beta soon, followed by an Open Beta. We can't say too much now, but stayed tuned for updates!

Thats it from us for now. We'll be on your smartphones soon.

-Fourat & Mike

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